Employers, whilst you may see the task of putting together an employee handbook as mundane, it should be seen as an essential tool when employing more than 3 employees. Here’s why it’s essential to have an up to date Employee Handbook:

  • An employee handbook acts as a one stop information point for the entire Company. It should contain all the key and essential policies and procedures required. This will therefore not only save you time hunting through reams of documents and web pages to find the information you need, but also you won’t have the time-consuming task of verbally explaining policies and procedures to your staff, as the information will be quick and easily accessible to all.
  • Employment law changes all the time and therefore, by keeping your employee handbook up to date it shows your employees that you’re operating in line with current employment law and making sure they receive all their statutory entitlements or more.
  • It enables you to create a great first impression with new employees. Your employee handbook will most likely be the first real glimpse into the operations, values and workings of the Company.
  • More protection for you as an employer. There will be less chance of ending up with a hefty fine following a tribunal due to not following policies and procedures in line with legislation. You’ll have peace of mind from knowing you’ve done things correctly, providing of course that you remember to follow the policies and procedures in your employee handbook.
  • If challenged at an employment tribunal to explain or evidence your Company’s procedures, rules or codes of practice, an employee handbook which has been kept up to date and circulated to all employees, will often strengthen your case.

So employers, what are you waiting for? Contact us today for more information on our employee handbook service

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