Coaching is much more intensive than training and is most often used on a one-to-one basis, although sometimes we can coach two people at the same time depending on the subject being covered. (For groups of 3 or more employees we recommend our bespoke In-House Training Services.) Coaching sessions are never more than half a day in length and can be held at the client’s premises or online.

In most cases in order to achieve the training or development objectives, coaching will need to take place over several weeks with ideally one session every week or fortnight. Coaching is best used to address a very specific training or development need and can be either business related or of a more personal nature, such as interpersonal skills.

A coaching delegate will usually be given homework to carry out in between coaching sessions and they are provided with a workbook full of supporting material, exercises and notes. Our coaching has been of particular help to people with assertiveness issues or low self-esteem as well as those who have difficulty communicating with others at work. Other popular coaching topics include tele-sales and management topics.

Discounts for pre-purchased Coaching sessions

Different delegates can use each session and the coaching topics can be different each time too.  Once purchased, the coaching sessions can be used whenever required – there is no time limit in which they must be used.

Most clients purchase blocks of coaching to use throughout the year as part of their annual training and development programme and just as the savings available with our HR Time Credits increase with the numbers of hours purchased in advance, the more coaching sessions that are purchased in advance, the bigger the discounts provided. Ultimately, these cost savings allow our clients to provide more coaching and development opportunities for their employees.

To discuss how our bespoke Coaching Services can help improve your employees’ productivity and effectiveness please contact us.