Mastering Assertiveness Workshop

22 October  2024 - 9.30am - 4.00pm

RNLI College, Poole, Dorset

£395 + VAT per person



Do you have difficulty saying "No", asking for what you want, or having your point of view taken seriously?  

This one day helpful and thoughful Mastering Assertiveness workshop will give you the skills and self-esteem that are essential for enabling effective and confident communication with others.

Assertiveness isn't something you're born with; it's a skill that needs to be learnt & then practised.  This workshop will increase your confidence & self belief by establishing an approach to communication that increases your chances of getting the outcome you really want in any given situation & removing the feelings of guilt that can be associated with saying "No".

This Workshop Will Help You To:

  • Boost your levels of confidence & self-esteem in relation to communicating with others
  • Apply assertive behaviour in the workplace & at home
  • More effectively handle potentially difficult people and situations
  • Recognise the right opportunities for using assertiveness 
  • Improve the chances of getting what you want by making requests assertively 
  • Feel better about saying “No” & less guilty!

Workshop Content:

  • Identifying and understanding different human behaviours
  • What happens when we say what we don't really mean or want
  • How assertiveness benefits everyone
  • The impact of non-verbal behaviour and communication
  • Recognising assertive behaviour
  • Saying "No" and meaning it!
  • Stating your needs & wants with confidence
  • When to be assertive & when not to 
  • Assertiveness in meetings

Who Will Benefit?

Anyone who is looking to become more assertive, either in the workplace or their personal life.

Price & What’s Included:

£395 plus VAT per person, which includes face to face training led by an experienced trainer, supporting notes, refreshments, a restaurant buffet lunch, and six months of unlimited email support from your trainer to help implement the techniques that are covered.  

3% discount for multiple bookings or if the HR Essentials Workshop is booked at the same time. Only one discount applies per booking.

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