Free HR Audit

Confident that your HR documents & practices are legally compliant and protecting your interests as an employer?

Employment legislation and HR best practice is constantly changing which makes it really difficult for employers to keep on top of a function that in reality should be just as important to a company with five employees as to one with hundreds.

Whilst it’s easy to call for help when it’s needed or sadly as we know only too well from experience, when it’s almost too late, more often than not problems arise either from employers just not understanding their obligations or more importantly not being aware of certain aspects of employment law.

Let us give you peace of mind that you're not taking chances with the compliance of your HR systems and documents with an HR Audit

Our free HR Audit reviews the HR systems and practices, policies and procedures, employment contracts and staff handbooks a business currently has in place and measures the level of compliance with current employment legislation and best practice. Any areas that are non-compliant or need improvement, will be highlighted to help you minimise the risk of making costly HR related mistakes.

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