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If you're looking for employment contracts, employee handbooks, privacy notices or any other HR or employment related document, we've got hundreds available.

Employment Contracts

Employment contracts containing carefully drafted, detailed terms and conditions of employment are so much more robust than the basic written statement of particulars that employees are entitled to.

We have many different types of employment contract available containing all statutory terms and conditions of employment alongwith other key clauses that we feel are essential if the employer is to have a high degree of legal protection and extended rights. 

Contract types include:      

  • permanent
  • fixed term
  • home based/remote working     
  • zero hours
  • term time only
  • annualised hours
  • casual working

Our fully compliant contracts can be used across all job types as we'll adapt them to suit the exact circumstances of the employee, employer and job role.  

We'll discuss your requirements with you to determine which contract type and clauses are most appropriate for your situation and build a template based on this.  You can then use the template over and over if you wish, when recruiting employees into roles with similar terms and conditions of employment. We're also happy to further personalise employment contracts with the relevant employee's specific details.

Employers are now legally obliged to provide an employment contract or written statement of particulars either before a new recruit starts or,  at the latest, on their first day of employment. 

Employee Handbooks

Having a well drafted and comprehensive employee handbook is in our view essential for fostering good relationships with employees. Employee handbooks should contain all the employer's key policies and procedures, including information about statutory rights and entitlements, rules and expectations for both sides.

We have an excellent employee handbook available, which can be obtained as a template for you to customise or we're happy to do this for you.  The current employee handbook is very comprehensive and around 100 pages in length.  Once completed, it can be printed off or provided to employees in an electronic format.

Our employee handbook includes chapters on:    

  • Information about the employer
  • Induction and probation
  • Working hours, code of conduct, dress code     
  • Holiday and sickness
  • Disciplinary, performance management and grievance procedures
  • Health and Safety
  • Security & Confidentiality 
  • Data Protection

and much much more.  If you'd like to see an example of the Contents page from our current employee handbook, please get in touch and we'd be happy to email this to you alongwith a sample of the employee handbook itself.

Other HR Documents & Forms

Wide assortment available including:

  • policies & procedures
  • settlement agreements
  • privacy notices 
  • health questionnaires
  • letters & forms for all HR issues 

With the exception of settlement agreements which we only provide as bespoke documents, we can provide all our employment contracts, staff handbooks, forms and letters as either basic templates for you to complete or we can tailor them to your exact requirements. 

Call 01305 889781 or email nicola@rely.company if you'd like more information about the HR Documents & Employment Contracts we have available.