Save Money with HR Time Credits

HR Time Credits are blocks of time purchased in advance of our services or products being provided. They provide a considerable saving against the cost of our standard hourly rate with the equivalent hourly rate dropping in price as the quantity of HR Time Credits purchased increases.

Whilst HR Time Credits are non-refundable and non-transferable once purchased, importantly, they do not have to be used within any set time limit.

HR Time Credits can be used as payment towards the majority of our products and services, including renewal of HR Lifeline subscriptions. Monthly statements let each client keep track of the amount of time used, activities undertaken and the balance of time remaining.

To purchase HR Time Credits just contact us by email or phone and we’ll do the rest.  

All prices plus VAT

Charge Rates

Saving against Standard Hourly Rate

Standard Hourly Rate

£90* per hour


4 HR Time Credits

4 hours @ £90 p.h.

N/A – Minimum Purchase

10 HR Time Credits

10 hours @ £85 p.h.

£50 Saving

20 HR Time Credits

20 hours @ £80 p.h.

£200 Saving

30 HR Time Credits

30 hours @ £75 p.h.

£450 Saving