Temporary HR Cover

For those businesses who employ their own HR professional, have you thought about how you'd cope and handle HR matters if your HR manager wasn't available for some reason? 

Temporary HR cover can be needed from time to time for many reasons including:

  • Maternity 
  • Secondment 
  • Long term ill-health
  • In the interim between one HR manager leaving and another joining
  • Extended holiday or sabbatical
  • Help with a specific project 

Different levels of support available

We can provide differing levels of support to suit your needs perfectly, including:

  • spending some of the time on your premises as and when needed
  • providing support and advice by phone, email or online
  • managing HR situations on your behalf
  • producing HR contracts and documents as required
  • looking after your HR function as little or as much as you'd like us to

Having a resource available to provide temporary cover if your HR Manager isn't available will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on the rest of your business.

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